While many economists had predicted that the advent of cloud technology would automate work and lead to the elimination of jobs, the opposite has been true. Technology analysts have now estimated that cloud computing will add 14 million jobs to the worldwide economy by 2025, with nearly 2 million of those in the United States. Understanding how cloud computing increases the job market can help us provide better services to you and can help you grow your business.

Increased Demand for Services

Large and small businesses alike are flocking to cloud computing for the integration of apps for customer service. Individuals are increasingly using those apps to gain access to their social networking, finance and email services. The increased demand for cloud computing services is leading to job growth in positions such as telecom consultant, marketing specialist, finance and development.

A Shift to Online Commerce

Consumers are increasingly shifting to e-commerce as a way to conduct their personal and professional shopping. From music downloads and streaming to electronic books and even the ability to order groceries and have them delivered at a specific time, consumers are using cloud-based services to streamline their lives. For your business, this can mean increased orders, which lead to the need for more staff in fulfillment, processing and shipping. For cloud services providers, it leads to an increase in positions in security and account management.

The Rise of Smartphones

If it seems like everyone has a smartphone these days, you’re not mistaken. Consumers are flocking to smartphones as a means to stay in touch, to search for information about products while shopping, to keep up with work email and to take photos. Cloud computing supports all of these functions and more. The increased use of smartphones and cloud computing that stores all the information collected by smartphones has increased jobs for app creators and integration experts who make sure that the apps will work across a variety of devices.

Innovative Startups

Once upon a time, every online giant of today was a questionable startup. Cloud computing enhances the ability of innovative startups and entrepreneurs to make an entrance into the business community. Creating an online business does not require as much capital as creating a brick and mortar business does. This means that cloud computing helps to add jobs in your own community. People can start side businesses or become self-employed thanks to cloud computing. As these startups grow, they add workers, which contributes to even greater job growth. The cloud providers in turn add jobs in customer support, technical service and sales.

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