Our Value

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Our Value

  • Our Value – Residual commission is the most important thing to our partners. We pay on time every month, no exceptions.

  • While some masters are hiring inexperienced young support, we’re hiring channel veterans
  • We have over 300+ years of combined telecom experience
  • We have THE deepest CenturyLink back office team in the industry. We support opportunities from start to finish including a first bill review with the customer.

  • We dive deeper with account mapping and layer in our engineering support. While some masters charge for engineering, we provide this as a free resource to our partners.
  • We help our partners have those technical conversations with their customers and the carrier.
  • We don’t have thousands of agents nor do we want that many. We want sales partners that we can align with and provide exceptional support. You will feel like a large fish in our pond.
  • We reward our top selling partners with our President’s Club excursions
  • We support telecom and IT opportunities around the globe. We were recently recognized by Channel Vision Magazine for being the first master to own the international market
  • We provide our partners with free marketing support to help grow their business. New Logos, email campaigns to their customers, etc.
  • We have the deepest and most strategic portfolio of telecom and IT providers in the nation
  • Our technology ranging from mapping data centers and seeing carrier fiber maps to commission software, are the most advanced and robust in the industry.