Welcome to the CarrierSales resources page. We are always looking for ways to arm our partners with information and tools that will help them win more deals. Please take a look at the resources below and submit a request to download our collateral. Please check back often as we look to add more and more content each month.

Sales Discovery Questions

Don’t leave money on the table because you don’t know which questions to ask. We have compiled years of information that will help you ask the right discovery questions for all of our product sets.

Contact Center Battle Card

Contact centers are everywhere. From help desks to at home agents, we know how to help you identify the right solution for any size of business. Our battle card is sales engagement tool that was inspired by our contact center team.

Contact Center Discovery Sheet

How many agents do you have? What is your inbound and outbound ratio? Which IVR functions are crucial to your business? – These are a few examples of discovery questions that are vital to knowing the right requirements for your customers. Our discovery questionnaire will help guide your customer to understand all of their contact center needs and put a sequence of events together to help move the sales process forward.